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Gary GF@Artichoke

Gary Furlow, Vocals & Guitar

When you're born and raised in a musical melting pot that is New Orleans, you get a wide variety of sounds flowing through your head. Jazz, Soul, Country, R & B, Blues, Rock & Roll, Dixieland. Gary now makes the Great Pacific Northwest his home. That makes for a unique mix of mountains, gators, rain, bayous and the people he's met along the way. The soul of the deep South still find its way into his songs as does the spirit of the Northwest.


Phil Hornik, Lead Guitar

Phil rocks! It's that simple. He also blues'es, folk's and funk's. And to top it off, he has one of the great tee-shirt collections in the western world.


Kerry Canfield, Bass & vocals

Kerry played piano for decades and taught himself guitar along the way before deciding to pick up the bass (after all, it's easier picking up a bass than a piano). He may be best known among music bar habitues and local festival goers of the '70s and early '80s as the performer on piano of 'Bumble Boogie' with the Oregon band 'Wheatfield,' who in 2011 were inducted into the Oregon Music Hall Of Fame.

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