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CDbaby & iTunes

CD BabyiTunes
Recorded @ venues across Portland, our first CD
captures Gary Furlow & The Loafers playing Live.

The River

When I was a kid my grandmother, Mimi, would take us to the Audubon Zoo and then up on the levee so we could see the mighty Mississippi flowing by. And my grandfather, Paw-Paw (Rene Garrot) once took us down to the docks where the United Fruit Company ships unloaded (He ran their transportation division). I was always impressed by the power and the size of the river.


Driving home one day I heard an NPR report on International Woman's Day. Then, this song just tumbled out.

Oh Momma

Thinking about the hot, humid Summer days in south Louisiana. Spent many an afternoon watching the thunderstorms roll in.

Times Is Hard

So true.

A Tuesday Song

Don't often write in 3/4 time. But this song about songwriting seemed to be needing a waltz.

Heartbreak Joe

Tale of a great New Orleans guitarist (somewhat fictional) and a career on the road.

Portland OR

Answers the questions, "Why did you move from New Orleans to Portland?" and "What do you think of Portland?"

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